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Variometer for Paragliding

A few years ago I built a Variometer with the help of Andrei’s Instructables.

It was working nice, but there were a few things I didn’t like.

I powered it with a 9V battery and this took a lot of space and endet in a bulky wooden case for the electronics. Often on the most promising day’s the battery got empty and I didn’t have a spare battery with me.

So I decidet to change this and designed my own Version of a Vario inspired by Andrei.

My main goal was to make it smaller and rechargeable.

Since I wanted to use an SSD1306 as display I also had to write the software from scratch.

Because I struggled with the altitude calculation logic (I am not a C programmer) I reused a few code segments from Andrei’s Sketch and his libraries.

The result was a decent 8x3x2cm vario with just the minimum functionality.”

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