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GPS Speedometer

Having problems with your car speedometer??Just build a GPS based one. By Hugo Gomes.
My company car that I normally drive tends to have a “small” problems from time to time, the speedometer fall to 0 Km/h when driving (after some time it resumes again). Normally this is not a big issue since if you know how to drive a car, you are not, I hope, always looking to the speedometer. You now more or less the speed that you are driving.The problem present it self when you need to decrease speed to the road limit that you are entering and you notice that “the speedometer is down”.This presented like a good opportunity to build a new project, “The GPS Speedometer”.Of course the ideial solution would be, really repair the car or use a normal GPS or use an app with this function but what would be the fun in this :)”

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