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Hello there,
In this Instructable I will walk through how I built a simple air filter fan to help remove smoke and other particles from the air while I’m soldering.
If you want to build one, read on, I hope to make it simple and easy.
I’ll note here before we get too far that this filter while it does work to remove the small amount smoke from soldering I would not expect this to be a replacement for proper ventilation.

I have linked all the parts I used, however some are left from older projects.

None of these links are affiliate links so I make nothing from them. If you want to support me directly you can do so here.


- 120mm Noctua Fan
- Arduino Nano
- 10k ohm potentiometer
- Carbon Filter
- toggle switch
- 32x128 OLED screen (optional)
- 12v power supply_
- barrel jack (that matches the power supply)
_- Wire

- Buck Converter or Voltage regulator*


- Soldering iron
- Wire cutters
- Wire strippers
- Solder*
- 3D printer

*I have not used these specific items but they will fit and look like they would work well for this project.”

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