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I wanted a heating plate for soldering my PCBs with SMD components.

This is show you how to build and control the temperature of cheep PTC heater.

- Aluminium PTC Heater

There are many types and sizes. Can use a different size but will need to alter the mounting points to suite.
- Arduino Nano R3

I have used the 168 version. I will do HEX files for the different versions.
- I2C OLED 128x64 Display 0.96”

There are several physical sizes, I am using the 0.9 inch one.
- Rotary Encoder EC11

The type with a slot in and star shaped, not the type that are smooth with a flat on the side.
- MAX6675 Module

Check photo in project to get correct one. so it fits plastic mount.
- Capacitor 100 µF

I just used a 10 volt electrolytic one I had.
- LED 5mm Red

Colour and size is optional.
- Resister 150 Ohm

This is for the LED, Change if you use a different LED.
- k-Type Thermocouple

Check the project notes, you may want to get a long one. (I go for a cheep option)
- SSR Solid State Relay

Check the project notes. Depending on the heater and your location voltage, determines Value needed.
- Mini ac-dc power supply

Something small, it just powering the Arduino NANO.
- Terminal Block 3A

I just use the smallest I had, about 3A I think they are.
- Wire 26 awg

I use Four and Three Way 26 awg JR Servo Wire with my projects. I find this type is good for colour coding, especially wen using I2C.
- DuPont Connectors and Headers

I have a DuPont kit, that has several choices for my projects.
- Some wood and Hardboard

I mention 6mm Hardboard in the video, but it is only 3mm.
- Shiny Aluminium Coated Card

I got this from Food Tray Lids. Probably get it from a take-away meal, :)
- Cotton Wool

Don’t use anything synthetic, or it may melt.
- M3 Countersunk Set Screw 30mm long

With Nuts. Four Required.
- M3 Self Tapping Screws x 10mm Long

Four Required. Six if using alternate SSR.
- M1.7 Self Taping Screws x 6mm Long

Sixteen Required.
M1.7 Self Tapping Screws x 10mm Long

Three required.
- Glue

Hot Glue or UV Resin. Both is good. (I use cheep fingernail UV varnish)

- 3D Printer

This is used for making plastic mountings and cover for the component’s.
A fabricated box can be used if you don’t have a 3D Printer.
- Soldering iron

With solder
- Hot glue gun

And some Glue Sticks
- Small Hand Drill

With various bits. There are some holes to be drilled.
- Small Hand Saw

Some Wood and Hardboard needs cutting.
Some Small of Hand Tools for this type of project

- Pliers
- Snips
- Screwdrivers
- Craft knife
- Measure rule
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Whatever else you think you may need after reading the project.”

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