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DIY Non-Contact Tachometer (RPM Meter) With Arduino and IR Sensor

A RPM meter is a simple device that is especially useful for example in a machining workshop to meassure the RPM of a machine’s spindle and thus determine the surface speed of a tool or workpiece.
I decided to build this one device after seeing a video by GreatScott, but unfortunately his design did not work well for me. I only took the basic principle of the project from his work and modified and improved it so that I would be happy with it.

To make this project, you will need:

- 1x Arduino Nano
- 1x IR distance sensor module
- 1x 0,91” 128x32 OLED display module
- 1x 90 degree tactile switch
- 1x slide switch
- 1x TP4056 charging module with a mini USB connector
- 1x Li-ion battery (I used a 48x30x6 mm, 900 mAh one)
- Project PCB (single sided, can be made at home, if you know how)
- Some resistors and capacitors
- Some screws, washers, nuts and stand-offs
- 3D printed case (made of 5 parts)”

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