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3D Printed Arduino Macro Keyboard

This was my first project working with the Arduino Pro Micro. You can use it in Zoom or Discord chats to do things like toggle mute, toggle your video, or share your screen. On top of that, you can program it to open frequently used programs on your computer or do things like taking screenshots and locking the screen. The code can be pretty easily edited to your needs if you want to open different programs or if you want to add your own hotkeys.
To use it, you can toggle power on and off using the middle switch, and select whether you’d like to control Zoom or Discord using the right hand side switch. After that, just push the right button and do things like muting your microphone or toggling your video on and off.

Arduino Pro Micro x1
Perfboard x1 (I’m sure you can get it cheaper somewhere. This was just the first result I found)
Pushbuttons x 13
Slide switch x 2
5mm red LED x1
220 ohm resistor x1
Super Glue

Soldering iron
3D printer
Label maker (optional)
Drill (optional)”

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