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Hello everyone, after changing flat, since my singing skills under shower are probably not appreciated by my old neighbours, I decided that I needed a tiny bluetooth speaker for my bathroom. Playing music directly next to the shower would, at minima, cover my voice.
Before moving, I recently sold my old anycubic 3D delta printer & got a brand new ender 3 pro, soon after moving in. All the planets were properly aligned for me to create my own bluetooth speaker from nothing to, hopefuly, something.
During this project we will go through the steps of creation of the bluetooth speaker, from the electrical, to the choices of the design & parts to improve.
I will not go through the creation of the 3D part on fusion 360, but there are plenty of tutorial on youtube that are showing how to do that properly. Let’s dive in.

Let’s dive in.

3D printing :

3D printer or access to a 3D printing service (quite needed if you want 3D printed parts)
Plastic spool ( Black PLA in my case, but if you want to deal with ABS, it would work properly too)
Quite a lot of patience

1 x TPA3116 bluetooth class D amplifier Board
3 x speakers with a 50mm diameter (I used 3 that I had laying around)
1 x ON/OFF Power button
1 X XT60 female plug
1 x 12-24V power supply
2 x 1N4148 diode
3 x 100uF capacitor
1 x 330uH coil

Glue or Glue-gun
(Optional) Paint”

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