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Robot Axis (red)

The Axis Robot is an educational project for learning programming using the Arduino IDE.

This is my make of Robot Axis V1 by Axioma Robotics and published on Thingiverse. I am still working on the software for this project. The hardware side is complete and since Axioma Robotics has designed this project as an educational project for software development, I decided to publish this anyway in case anyone wants to start building this variant.

Wheel motors & Thigh servos
I used all metal gear 6V motors. I had to redesign the wheels to provide a tight fit on the motor shaft. It also allows for a M3 screw to fix the wheel to the shaft. Due to the tightness of the hub on the motor shaft, I found that the screws were unnecessary. The wheels are designed to take a 100m OD, 6mm CS O-ring as tires. All the parts were sourced from Ali-Express.

I disassembled the motors and spray painted the shells, wheels and 6-legged servo horns with gloss red paint.

When I screwed the thigh to the servo using the 6-legged servo horn, I found the leg to be quite loose (A lot of lateral play). To fix this the 3D printed shims can be used to pack out the servo horn to get a tight fit. I made 5 different pairs of shims ranging in thickness from 1.0mm to 1.8mm. Just pick the best pair that gives a tight fit.”

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