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Very Very Sorry Now only found the legs design in the tinkercad has problem, thanks to for check and inform me. Now change the design file and upload. Kindly check and download. Those who already download and printed I am very very sorry, i never notice and dont know how it change.

Actually that previous design also works but the joint is very thin and it break while fast steps.

Baby MIT Cheetah Robot is the previous version of this robot. I did lot of changes in this version. But even more want to done. But this version very very simple for any one to design. In the previous Version Body is made of wood but in this version i 3D print the body so if any one want to this this robot its very very easy to do. Just download and print the body and leg, then screw the servos.

I plan for the top cover after complete the project, but current due to state wise lock i cant able to get the cover from supplier. Even though it looks cute on carrying two batteries like Robot cow bulk in the stomach.

This is not upgraded from old its completely new build. So all the steps are included in this instructables, you dont want to refer the version1 instructables.

Major changes Done

1) Body is 3D printed.
2) Its Bluetooth control as well as Autonomous.
3) Battery Operated (The strong battery 18650 2Nos allow to run for long hours, From start design to complete i test it for more than 2 hours but still work in battery).
4) Lot of changes in the arduino program, we able to change the moving speed. If we have foot for the robot, it never fall and at that time change the variable smoothdelay in the program and even we see the slow motion walk.”

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