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Macropad for Keyboard Shortcuts

We’re making a small macro keypad for some keyboard shortcuts. In this case, it is for Zoom video conferencing shortcuts for Windows. We’ll program the keys to toggle mute/unmute microphone, raise/lower hand, and video on/off.

The board we’re using to run this is a clone of an Arduino Pro Micro. You can use the official one, or a cheaper clone like I am. The important thing is that it is an atmega32u4 chip that is running it, so that you have native USB support. There are versions with a microusb connector (like I’m using), mini-usb, and usb-c. Any of those are fine for this project.

You need 3 switches - or buttons or keys. Any 2 pin normally open momentary switches will work - I’ve built this project with arcade buttons before too. For this write-up, I’m using some Gateron Brown switches.

Some hookup wire - I am using 26 gauge solid core wire, but you can use thicker or thinner, or you can use stranded instead of solid core.

Also needed: wire cutters/strippers, needle-nose pliers, solder, soldering iron, some kind of housing for the project (I’m using one I 3d printed), and appropriate USB cable (depending on pro micro version and available usb ports on computer)

Optional: hot glue, flux, insulator like liquid tape.”

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