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How to Make a RC Controller #2

This project will show you how to create a RC Controller.

After making hovercrafts, I decided that I would need a remote control if I wanted to use a home made drone (maybe for a future project). As a consequence, I created my own remote controller.

Indeed, I had a controller before, but it was pretty useless in this case, because driving a drone certainly needs more informations, to avoid a potential crash.

So, I decided to make this brand new remote controller, composed of a TFT screen, nRF24l01 radio module and arduino mega.

Firstly, I needed a controller capable of displaying informations about the RC device connected to it : speed, motor thrust, angle, etc…

Then, I wanted something adapted to each situation : that’s why I’ve made different templates on this controller to ensure the remote control has at least a template for each device. Especially, there are 5 templates (4 are for driving while one is for technical characteristics).

Finally, during conception, I add the possibility to navigate between those templates and you get it, a full modular remote controller !

This controller sends an array of 6 int named “data” (data[0] to data[5]) and receives an array named “infos” (infos[0] to infos[5]).

Send :

data[0], data[1], data[2], data[3] : joystick analog values
data[4], data[5] : buttons (can be activated on template B)
Receive :

infos[0], infos[1], infos[2], infos[3] : PWMs (from 4 brushless motors)
infos[4], infos[5] : angles (from gyroscops)
PS : those infos are set up like that by default on template A because its for a futur drone that’ll post on, otherwise those informations can be displayed (and changed) on a modified template depending on your device and needs.”

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