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Night Time Clock

A digital clock to help small children to differentiate day time and night time through colours.

Small children have a tendency to wake up in the middle of the night or very early in the morning. Unfortunately at this age, they also usually haven’t learned how to tell time. So, I needed a way of helping the smol humans to know if it is still sleep time or not when they wake up. Someone told me about a clock that changes colour at night, to indicate that it is in fact night. But, instead of looking further into that and possibly buying one, I figured it would be much more fun to make one.

Plug the adaptor in a wall socket and the clock will start up. Initially the clock will try to connect to the WiFi that was defined when uploading the code to the main board. During this time the separator LEDs will alternate between shining red and blinking blue. Once a WiFi connection has been established the time will be updated through NTP and displayed on the clock. That’s it…

See below for more details regarding settings and additional features.

It’s a clock. It tells time (24 hours).”

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