VEML7700 is a high accuracy ambient light digital 16-bit resolution sensor in a miniature transparent 6.8 mm x 2.35 mm x 3.0 mm package. It includes a high sensitive photo diode, a low noise amplifier, a 16-bit A/D converter and supports an easy to use I2C bus communication interface. The ambient light result is as digital value available

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“Hexagons are cool — they have six sides, they tile a plane, they have a structure like the carbon atoms in graphite, each cell has six neighbors, and there are six cardinal directions. But mostly, they are not square when so …

DIY Photographic Lightmeter

“This Instructable shares some ideas on building a simple small and cheap incident lightmeter. The goal for me was a light-meter to accompany my Bronica ETRSi medium format film camera. Things i wanted it to feature: single ASA (100) because …