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This Instructable shares some ideas on building a simple small and cheap incident lightmeter.

The goal for me was a light-meter to accompany my Bronica ETRSi medium format film camera.

Things i wanted it to feature:

single ASA (100) because i almost only use ASA 100 film
as small as possible
only give me combinations that my Bronica can reproduce, which means f2.8-f22 and 1sec to 1/500th sec
no nonsense features, except plain times and aperture values
Things i used:

Adafruit(Vishay) VEML 7700 digital Lux-meter ( around 5$)
Adafruit Trinket M0 micro controller (around 9$)
128x32 OLED display (around 10$)
a pushbutton to temporarily turn it on (some cents)
a tiny piece of strip-board, because i try to not use cables, but you can certainly use cables too”

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