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Tired of spending half an hour shaking a vat of Ferric Chloride? Build your own DIY Low-Cost PCB Shaker! It’s a very cheap and simple project that only requires common materials. The machine can reduce etching time of Ferric Chloride down to 10 minutes, depending on the speed and the etchant’s concentration.
The Problem:
PCB fabrication requires etching. Ferric chloride is a common choice of enchant. During etching, you can leave your PCB on a vat of etchant, but by doing this, etching time could reach up to an hour! You can agitate a vat to speed up the etching process down to 10-20mins. While this makes the process faster, 20 minutes of shaking while staring at a wall just annoys me on a daily basis, so I built a simple PCB Shaker to automate my etching process.”

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