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DIY Bluetooth Audio Receiver + Pop Noise Remover for Amplifier TPA3116D2 2.1

In this article I will make a special audio receiver bluetooth module for the TPA3116d2 2.1 Amplifier (then I will call TPA3116d2). I call it special because the design of this module is based on the PCB TPA3116d2. To see the design of this module, you can see the top module in the image above.

Based on the article “Remove Pop Noise on TPA3116d2 Amplifier” that I made earlier, the TPA3116d2 produces pop noise when first turned on. So I added pop noise remover in bluetooth module which i will make in this article.

Overall, the module that I will make has two functions that are quite useful for TPA3116d2 users, namely:

Bluetooth audio receiver (stereo)
Pop noise remover
So, let’s start making the module”

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