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A candlelight-like glow from a flexible organic LED

A good defect? Researchers discover helicoidal screw dislocations in layered polymers

A quantum drum that stores quantum states for record-long times

A unique catalyst paves the way for plastic upcycling

An ESP32 based RF antenna matrix V

Arduino Nano Quadcopter V

Argonne scientists use quantum computers to simulate quantum materials

Boeing’s Starliner Spacecraft Completes Successful Docking to Space Station

Carbon nanomaterials are hot property

Cars could get a ‘flashy’ upgrade

Charging a Green Future: Latest Advancement in Lithium-Ion Batteries Could Make Them Ubiquitous

CircuitPython 7.3.0 Released

Commodore 64 to Raspberry Pi Pico RAM interface

Custom ‘Headphones’ Boost Atomic Radio Reception 100-Fold

Dancing In The Light

Designing a programmable sound generator board

DIY Arduino Audio Spectrum Analyzer on VFD Display V

DIY Pan Tilt Control Using Servos for ESP32 Cam V

Dyson is working on ‘top secret’ robots that will do your household chores V

Electrons in a crystal exhibit linked and knotted quantum twists

Emulating impossible ‘unipolar’ laser pulses paves the way for processing quantum information

Finding coherence in quantum chaos

FSU researchers collaborate with business to develop next-generation superconducting

HackSpace magazine #55

Homebrew 8088

Industry’s First Microcontroller Integrated with a Robust Secure Subsystem and Arm® TrustZone® Technology

Linux Kernel 5.18 Released, This is What’s New

Long-hypothesized ‘next generation wonder material’ created for first time

Low-Cost Gel Film Can Pluck Drinking Water From Desert Air

MacroPad - Macro Keyboard

Manchester experts are designing AI-powered machines tough enough to work safely in hostile hotspots

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Technology for the Freeform Printing of Satellite Antennas in Outer Space

MPU6050 Gyroscope with Arduino

NASA, Boeing Complete Starliner Uncrewed Flight Test to Space Station

New 1 GHz SAMA7G54 is the First Single-Core MPU with MIPI CSI-2 Camera Interface and Advanced Audio Features

Objects can now be 3D-printed in opaque resin

PasswordVault on Seeed Studio Wio Terminal

Planets of binary stars as possible homes for alien life

Raspberry Pi Music Server

Renesas Will Demonstrate the First Working Silicon Based on the Recently Debuted Arm Cortex-M85 Processor

Researchers Demonstrate Organic Crystals Can Serve as Energy Converters for Emerging Technologies

Researchers unveil a secret of stronger metals

RFID Blocking - How Secure Are Our RFID Cards? How Can We Protect Them Further? - an Experiment

Scientists make plastic more degradable under UV light

Secure communication with light particles

Simple Remote Air Quality Monitor Project Tutorial V

SpaceX launches 59 small satellites, lands rocket back on Earth

stm32 HiFi usb sound card DIY V

STMicroelectronics’ high-bandwidth common-mode filters ensure signal integrity in multi-gigabit serial interfaces

STMicroelectronics releases first automotive IMU with embedded machine learning

Tesla battery research group unveils paper on new high-energy-density battery that could last 100 years

The limits of vision: seeing shadows in the dark

The MagPi 118

Tiny ESP8266 IoT Weather Station (Weatherproof)

Tri-Cities Scientists ‘Magically’ Mining Metals From Water V

Unique Quantum Material Could Enable Ultra-powerful, Compact Computers

When quan­tum par­ti­cles fly like bees

3D Printed Clock With Perpetual Calendar

A curiously cold Bitcoin wallet V

A new law unchains fusion energy

A new step in the search for room-temperature superconductors

Arduino Cranial Stimulator (Bio-BrainTuner) V

Arduino Nano Quadruped Robot

Arduino Radar with Led diode and encoding data onto an image

Automated Control of SP701 Over LAN using lwIP

Charting a safe course through a highly uncertain environment


Columbia Physicists Shine New Light on an Old Quantum Optics Problem About Collective Behavior

Component for brain-inspired computing

Create text animations with Parola Library for Arduino V

Current-Sense Amplifier with Dual Over Current Level Monitor & Alert Output V

D-Wave Deploys First United States-Based Advantage Quantum Computer Accessible in the Leap Quantum Cloud Service

Diamond mirrors for high-powered lasers

Ditching sensors for streamlined control of microdevices

EMT Conduit-Mounted Wind Sensors with Arduino V

Engineers Investigating NASA’s Voyager 1 Telemetry Data

Fiber glow brings more go for underwater communications

Getting started with LoRa + AT commands

High-performance, High-reliability Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver V

How a cognitive bias is blocking the rise of electric cars

Intel Open-Sources SYCLomatic Migration Tool to Help Developers Create Heterogeneous Code

Is it topological? A new materials database has the answer

Jacobs University Researchers Develop New Measurement Method In Molecular Electronics

Li-Ion/Li-Po 18650 Battery to 5V Boost Converter V

Low-cost battery-like device absorbs CO2 emissions while it charges

Magnetic resonance makes the invisible visible

Major milestones for Arm SystemReady in driving ecosystem standards

Microchip Introduces Fully Integrated Precise Time Scale System

Modularized Narrowband FM Receiver V

NASA puts ISS spacewalks on hold to investigate water leak

NASA’s InSight Still Hunting Marsquakes as Power Levels Diminish V

Ne555 Breathing Effect V

New Device Creates Different Images Depending on Light and Environmental Conditions

New light on organic solar cells

New Real-Time Platform Root of Trust Provides an Entire Chain of Trust for System Platforms

Newly Discovered Enzyme Breaks Down Pet Plastic In Record Time

Nexperia further expands its offering of Clip-bonded FlatPower packaged diodes with new automotive CFP2-HP devices

‘Night-time solar’ technology can now deliver power in the dark

Photonics is transforming tech as we know it, here’s how

Physicists explain how type of aurora on Mars is formed

Piezo Element Amplifier for Guitar and Violin V

Power-Saving PWM Solenoid Controller V

Renesas RA Family MCUs Achieve CAVP Certification for Comprehensive Suite of Cryptographic Algorithms

Researchers Present New Synthesis Method for Optically Active Carbon Nanodots

Researchers Use Galaxy as a ‘Cosmic Telescope’ to Study Heart of the Young Universe

Rocket Engine Exhaust Pollution Extends High into Earth’s Atmosphere

SpaceX launches Starlink satellites from California

Spin keeps electrons in line in iron-based superconductor

STMicroelectronics and MACOM RF Gallium-Nitride-on-Silicon prototypes achieve technology and performance milestones

STMicroelectronics introduces single-channel load switches for applications with high startup current

STMicroelectronics reveals low-noise, low-voltage regulator for energy-conscious applications

Study on Collaboration with Fusion Fuel Regarding Water Electrolysis Solutions

Super­solids go cir­cu­lar 2D

The Black Swan Project

The Equiano submarine cable, which connects Africa and Europe, arrives in Portugal V

Tiny Solar Cell

Ultracold Bubbles on Space Station Open New Avenues of Quantum Research V

Useless Machine Using 555 Timer V

Using Bacteria to Accelerate CO2 Capture in Oceans

12th Gen Intel Core HX Processors Launch as World’s Best Mobile Workstation Platform

12V Battery Capacity Tester

2D Experimental Pilot Line offers developers the chance to test graphene-based sensors on large scale and at low cost

4D composite printing can improve the wings of drones, according to new Concordia research V

Algae-powered computing: scientists create reliable and renewable biological photovoltaic cell

AMD Announces Three New Radeon RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards and First Games Adding Support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0

Announcing Fedora Linux 36

Arduino Two Wheel Robot V

Astronomers snap first-ever image of supermassive black hole Sagittarius A*

BCD Watch (Binary to Decimal) V

Building a DIY Stream Deck (Mini Macro Keyboard)

Carbon nanochemistry written in the stars V


​​​​​​​Computational sleuthing confirms first 3D quantum spin liquid

Dancing TWIP Robot V

DIY Arduino Voice Controlled Robot V

ESP8266 Wi-Fi Based 7-Segment Display Clock

FM Radio with Clock Function

IBM Unveils New Roadmap to Practical Quantum Computing Era; Plans to Deliver 4,000+ Qubit System

Impossible materials are created under extreme pressure

Interface and Application Programming

It takes three to tangle: long-range quantum entanglement needs three-way interaction

ITMO Researchers Explore Direct Laser Writing of Nanolattices

Laser bursts drive fastest-ever logic gates

LDR Color Sensor

MakerBot and Ultimaker agree to merge to accelerate global adoption of additive manufacturing

Masking Tape Plotter V

Mechanism ‘splits’ electron spins in magnetic material

MediaTek Unveils New AIoT Platform Stack and Introduces the Genio 1200 AIoT Chip

MIT engineers build load-bearing structures using tree forks instead of steel joints

Music / hand controlled led strip with arduino

‘Nanomagnetic’ computing can provide low-energy AI, researchers show

NIST Finds Wireless Performance Consistent Across 5G Millimeter-Wave Bands

onsemi Launches Highly Efficient USB Power Delivery Solutions

OpenTama: an open source reference design for MCUGotchi ! V


Ping-pong Balls Collector - HuskyLens AI Robotic Ball Picker V

Portable Air Quality Monitoring Station Based on ESP8266

Quantum one-way street in topological insulator nanowires

Radar with LiDAR sensor V

Raspberry Pi Pico LED Badge

Researchers Use Light for Thermomagnetic Recording on Silicon Waveguide

Rice ‘metalens’ could disrupt vacuum UV market

Samsung Electronics Introduces Industry’s First 512GB CXL Memory Module

Scientists discovers new properties of magnetism that could change our computers

Scientists Grow Plants in Lunar Soil

Scientists solve the Mystery about the Active Phase in Catalytic Carbon Dioxide Reduction

SG-2.0 Wireless Weather Station

SLAC’s superconducting X-ray laser reaches operating temperature colder than outer space

STMicroelectronics cooperates with Semikron to integrate silicon-carbide power technology in next-generation electric-vehicle drives

Super Accurate Thermometer

The new Portenta X8 (with Linux!) and Max Carrier redefine what’s possible V

TI drives isolation technology forward with new solid-state relays that provide industry-leading reliability

Tiny TFT Graphics Library 2

Ultrafast ‘Camera’ Captures Hidden Behavior of Potential ‘Neuromorphic’ Material

Ultrathin fuel cell uses the body’s own sugar to generate electricity

Unusual quantum state of matter observed for the first time at UdeM

VELO’s voyage into the unknown

3D printed gloves for rehabilitating stroke patients

3D Printed Portable Wind Turbine V

A Color Sensing Glove That Sends the HEX Code to a Computer Program

A new technique to delete single atoms can speed up molecule design

A thermal superconducting quantum interference proximity transistor

Agricultural Pesticide Spraying Robot

Allowing blind people to see again with a wireless implant

Analog Devices’ New Easy Drive™ SAR ADCs Simplify Design While Delivering Industry Leading Performance

ArmaLamp - Armageddon resistant night lamp V

Astronomers discover a rare “black widow” binary, with the shortest orbit yet

Building a MIDI Controller / MacroPad V

Building an analog clock with a microcontroller

Butterfly LED Panel: Smart Light for ESPHome V

Cistercian keyboard

Control Moment Gyroscope | Active Boat Roll Elimination V

Display Unicode in Arduino V

DIY Bluetooth Audio Receiver + Pop Noise Remover for Amplifier TPA3116D2 2.1

DIY Midi Controller V

DIY Super Simple Sensitive Metal Detector V

E-Paper Clock V

Engineers use artificial intelligence to capture the complexity of breaking waves

Frozen Neon Invention Jolts Quantum Computer Race V

Hitting New Heights V

Home Made TPM2.0 Module

How can we be sure machine learning is accurate?

How to print a robot from scratch: New 3D-printing approach melds solids, liquids

Improving the efficiency of tandem solar cells

IoT Bookmark and Reading (Book Ratings) Tracker w/ Qubitro V

LNK304 Transformerless Power Supply V

Magnetic impurities turn quantum dots into emitters of free electrons

Make a Quadcopter Using ESP8266 - This Quadcopter Can Climb V

minimum effort ESP32-MIDI-Synth

New AMD Ryzen 5000 C-Series Processors Bring Leadership Performance and All-Day Battery Life to Chrome OS

New method detects deepfake videos with up to 99% accuracy

NodeMCU ESP8266 NeoPixel Control web server

Pitch Sequencer for Tascam Porta 02 | PWM Microcontroller Tape Sequencer V

Project Midbar

Project To Bring Affordable 3D-Printed Stream, Snow, And Storm Surge Sensors To Remote Communities

PWM variable speed for DC motor (120V-15A) IGBT switching V

Quantum mechanics could explain why DNA can spontaneously mutate

Researchers Create Flat Magic Window with Liquid Crystals

Researchers now able to predict battery lifetimes with machine learning

Rocket Lab Successfully Deploys 34 Satellites and Catches Rocket Booster Returning from Space with Helicopter V

Samsung Unveils New PRO Endurance Memory Card Optimized for Surveillance and Dashboard Cameras

Self-propelled, endlessly programmable artificial cilia V

Soft assistive robotic wearables get a boost from rapid design tool V

STMicroelectronics’ single-chip digital-power controller simplifies design and increases flexibility in LED-lighting applications

Supercomputing, neutrons crack code to uranium compound’s signature vibes

Temp, Humidity and Pressure monitor/weather forecast/graphs

The MagPi 117

The Webb Telescope Completes Alignment Phase V

Unpacking black-box models

WiFi Controlled Mark IV Tank 3D Printed