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3D Printed Clock With Perpetual Calendar

Clock with Perpetual Calendar
The perpetual calendar is one of the representative mechanism of complication clocks and watches. It shows correct date until 2099 without adjustments because it can handle all kind of month lengths including February of leap years. Features are as follows.

- This clock has four sub-dials to show 24hours, month, date and day of the week
- Easy calendar adjustment by direct manipulation of hands
- No bearings or metal shafts but works smoothly
- You do not need supports to print
- It can be printed out by relatively smaller printers including Prusa MINI (size of maximum part is 180 x 180mm)

Necessary parts
- 28BYJ-48 geared stepper motor and driver circuit comes with
- Arduino nano or other micro controller
- One tactile switch
- 2mm tapping screws (It needs various length of 2mm tapping screws. It is recommended to purchase an assortment of 2mm tapping screws. Please search in with “m2 tapping screw assortment”.)
- Thin rubber bands
- Lubricants (silicone grease)
- Double sided adhesive tape”

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