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Tiny ESP8266 IoT Weather Station (Weatherproof)

Have you ever wanted to build a compact ESP8266 IoT weather station that can survive rain or shine? If so, this Instructable is for you!

This weather station can display data about your indoor/outdoor environment on your smartphone or computer using Blynk, an IoT platform. In addition, the weather station can log data locally on a micro SD card and keep track of time.

This guide uses a small multipurpose sensor development board called SENSE that can gather over 20 data variables including air quality, sound, light, temperature, proximity, and more.

- NodeMCU ESP8266
- SENSE Multipurpose Sensor Development Board (available on Kickstarter)
- Weatherproof Enclosure
- (X3) Screw Vent (these allow fresh air to flow through the enclosure while keeping the weather seal)
- Micro SD Card (Less than 32 GB and formatted to FAT32)
- Qwiic Cable
- Jumper Wires
- (X2) Mini Breadboard
- 5V Powerbank or LiPo Battery (If your microcontroller has JST connector)”

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