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DIY heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter

DIY heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter using MAX30100 Pulse Oximeter Heart Rate Sensor Module.

India is badly hit by the second wave of COVID 19. There’s a shortage of pulse oximeters. I and my family got infected with COVID 19 and couldn’t find any Oximeters for a reasonable price anywhere. So I searched the internet to find any DIY solution and came across this cheap MAX30100 pulse oximeter and heart rate sensor module.

General Description ofMAX30100:-

The MAX30100 is an integrated pulse oximetry and heart rate monitor sensor solution. It combines two LEDs, a photodetector, optimized optics, and low-noise analog signal processing to detect pulse oximetry and heart-rate signals. The MAX30100 operates from 1.8V and 3.3V power supplies and can be powered down through software with negligible standby current, permitting the power supply to remain connected at all times.”

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