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Project Midbar

Midbar (מדבר) is a Hebrew word that means “pasture,” “uninhabited land,” “wilderness,” “large tracts of wilderness (around cities),” “desert.” There are two reasons why I chose the word Midbar as the name of this project. First - while working on my previous projects, I noticed that the so-called “device that keeps your personal data secure in an encrypted form” market is pretty much a “desert around the oasis of the password manager market.” Second - I couldn’t find a better word to describe that project. At first, I wanted to name it a “Password Vault,” but then I realized that this is also a “Credit Card Vault,” “Note Vault,” “Phone number Vault” and just “Data Vault.” None of these names would be a complete description of this device, and using a combination of all of these to name it would’ve been weird, hard to remember, and just inconvenient. So, I just called it Midbar!

Midbar utilizes a strong encryption algorithm (AES-256 + Serpent + AES-256) combined with a sophisticated embedded database (SQLite3) to keep your personal data secure.

The device has roughly 1.5Mb of memory allocated for the storage of the user data. Each character weighs 8 bits - in an encrypted form, eight characters weigh 512 bits (64 bytes). So, the device should be able to store roughly 190 000 characters in an encrypted form (without taking the space occupied by the database into account).

Supplies for the vault:

- ESP32 x1
- 2.4 Inch TFT LCD with ILI9341 x1
- Arduino Nano/Uno/Compatible board x1
- PS/2 Keyboard x1
- PS/2 Port x1
- 580 ohm resistor x1
- 10µF capacitor x1 *optional

Supplies for the receiver:

- ESP8266 x1
- 1.77 Inch TFT LCD with ST7735 x1”

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