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A Color Sensing Glove That Sends the HEX Code to a Computer Program

Wouldn’t it be cool to see something on our desk or nearby, a color that we like, and add it directly to our projects on our computer? Now you can!

You can make this hand-worn wearable that uses a color sensor to detect colors from the environment around us. Then it lights up NeoPixels with the color we scanned, and writes the HEX code to an OLED on the glove.

This HEX can then be sent to our computer (with touch input) - directly into what we are working on to add the HEX code for us.

The supplies I’ve used for this project include:

- Adafruit Flora board or Circuit Playground Classic
- Flora sewable color sensor
- 4x4 grid NeoPixels but any shape will work (I’ve linked to the circle x 16)
- OLED screen 128 x 64
- wires
- soldering or conductive thread to sew the connections
- you’ll a small piece of conductive fabric to act as a touch input button to send the HEX value to your computer
- Felt, neoprene, or material for the glove, or a recycled glove is even more eco!

In this case, I won’t be using a battery if you want to enable the feature of transferring the HEX code to the computer, we will need a cable to connect to our computer so we will use that for power too.”

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