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This is an autonomous AI ball-picking robot based on HuskyLens AI camera.


I made a radio-controlled “robotic ball picker” last time and it performed well. This time I want it smarter. So here comes the idea of making an autonomous AI ball-picking robot! Without further ado, let’s start!


I add functions of AI auto-recognition, tracking and picking up ping pong balls to the original remote control. A HuskyLens vision sensor is used to recognize balls, when there is no ball in the target area, the car will automatically turn an angle or advance a certain distance and recognize again until a ball is recognized, then it turns the corresponding angle and moves towards the ball recognized to pick up it with the picking-up device. To avoid barriers, it is also equipped with an ultrasonic sensor to determine the distance between it and the object ahead, when it is away from the object at a certain distance, it will not drive forward, but turn and estimate.

After adding the HuskyLens AI vision sensor and ultrasonic sensor, we found that the HuskyLens AI vision sensor will restart and the PS2 handle and receiver disconnect frequently, which also occurs even if they are powered separately. After repeated tests, it turns out that such a situation will disappear without the PS handle, so we change the hardware by replacing the PS2 handle with the micro:bit gamepad remote-control handle. The test proved it works pretty perfectly.

Hardware Components

- 2 × Micro:bit
- 1 × DFRobot Motor Driver Expansion Board
- 1 × DFRobot HuskyLens AI Vision Sensor
- 1 × DFRobot Ultrasonic Sensor
- 1 × DFRobot micro:bit Gamepad Remote-Control Handle
- 1 × 360° Servo
- 1 × 995 Servo
- 4 × Gravity: TT Motor Encoders Kit
- 4 × Mecanum Wheel
- Jumper Wire & Auxiliary Material
- Basswood Board Cutting Parts

Software apps and online services
- DFRobot Mind+”

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