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Designs and software for a chord keyboard controller. Created as the basis of an article for Hackspace magazine, issue 53. You can download the magazine here. The article is on page 68.

You will need the following hardware items:

Six keyswitches. The Kailh Mechanical Keyboard Switches work well. You can get them in “clicky” or “non-clicky” form.
Six transparent keycaps.
Six Neokey Socket Breakouts from AdaFruit. These have a built-in neopixel that is used to show which keys to press for each letter. If you don’t want to use this part of the program you can just wire up the keys directly.
A four character alphanumeric display with an HT16K33 backpack. Search for “ht16k33 14 segment led”. Make sure that you get the 14-segment device as this can display text.
A Raspberry Pi PICO
A micro-USB cable to link the PICO to the host
Connecting wire (search for “30 AWG wire wrap”) which needs a wire wrap tool (search for “wire wrap tool”).
A box. There is a 3D printable design, or you can put your keyboard in any box you fancy.
Screws. You’ll need some screws sized M2 4mm in length to fix things to the case (search for “laptop screws”)”

Link to article