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Coronavirus EXTER-MI-NATION With Micro:bit and Daleks

This is a second project in series on coronavirus protection from TinkerGen. You can find the first article here. We firmly believe that with humanity’s collective efforts, current epidemic will soon come to an end. But even after COVID-19 has passed we should remain vigilant and keep the good habits we (hopefully) developed during these tough times. The previous article was focused on using Micro:bit to pay more attention to us unconsciously touching our faces and by doing that prevent the spread of germs. In this article we’ll design and build a simple, yet powerful weapon against microbes - a little device, that we can use to measure the amount of time we spend washing our hands.
Supplies:Bitmaker Lite
1/8” (3mm) plywood for the case
Two M4 * 8 + 5 single head copper columnsTwo M4 nuts
Two M4 * 8 Hexagon socket head cap screws
Two R480 white nylon rivet
Two M2 * 15 double-pass aluminum columns
Two M2 * 8 mechanical screws”

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