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They think treat, we think trick!

This DIY talking skull project can be controlled from afar so that you can prank your trick-or-treaters. They’ll think it’s a store-bought Halloween display, but then when it starts to say things that could never have been pre-recorded, they’ll think it’s possessed and run away!!!!!

Every talking skull project is a bit tricky, but this one is designed to be simple to build and fun to play with! If you have a drill, some zip ties, and a few fixtures from the hardware store, the project can be put together pretty easily.

The skull can be found on Amazon, and although a bit pricey, the quality is high and it’s easy to drill the holes into it. The electronics in the talking skull are a micro:bit, a Bit Board, a servo motor, 10mm LEDs, and a battery pack, and these components are connected using zip ties as well, so connecting everything is quick.

The diagram below shows how the project works. Happy Haunting!


- Skull: Life Size Anatomical Human Skull Head - Detached Mandible and Skull Cap
- 2 micro:bits
- Crazy Circuits Bit Board
- Brick Compatible 270 Degree Servo
- LEGO Beam
- 2 AAA Battery Holders
- Jumbo Diffused LEDs
- Jumper Wires
- Zip Ties
- Fishing Line
- PVC Pipe
- Electrical Tape
- Flange Fittings
- Plastic Cauldron
- Wig
- Foam Core
- Speakers
- 2 Cell phones
- Halloween Candy

You will also need a Hot Glue Gun and a Power Drill.”

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