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It’s no secret the LEGO is awesome, and there’s nothing we love more than adding some fun electronics to our LEGO kits to make them even more awesome. Our LEGO maze has knobs on two of the sides to allow you to tilt the top half and maneuver a ball through the maze from start to finish. You can design your own mazes (it’s LEGO!) so you can make them as easy or difficult as you wish.

Let’s add some electronics! We’ll be using a micro:bit along with a (LEGO compatible) Bit Board. We’re going to plug a small thumbstick controller into the Bit Board so it can control the movement of two servos to tilt the maze in the X and Y axes.

Electronic Parts:

1 x Crazy Circuits Bit Board Kit
1 x micro:bit
2 x LEGO Compatible 270 Degree Servo
1 x Thumbstick
4 x Jumper Wires

LEGO Parts:

We just need a few parts to attach our servos to the LEGO baseplates and a gear to mesh with the tilt knobs. Besides that a few plain bricks and baseplates are used. We have provided links to each part on BrickOwl but you can find them anywhere LEGO or LEGO-compatible parts are sold.

2 x LEGO Gear with 16 Teeth
2 x LEGO Axle 4 (3705)
4 x LEGO Technic Brick 1 x 2 with Axle Hole
Misc. Parts (Baseplates, Bricks, etc.)”

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