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We used a micro:bit with a Crazy Circuits Bit Board and some LEGO pieces to build a Binary Calculator with a 4 bit register. It’s a great way to learn how binary works and how to calculate a decimal number from a binary number.
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Supplies:Brown Dog Gadgets does in fact sell kits and supplies, but you don’t need to buy anything from us to make this project. Though if you do it does help support us in creating new projects and teacher resources.


1 x Crazy Circuits Bit Board
1 x micro:bit
1 x 7 Segment Display
4 x Jumper Wires
4 x Crazy Circuits Slide Switch
1 x Crazy Circuits Jumbo Pushbutton
Maker Tape 1/8” Wide

Other Supplies:

1 x LEGO Baseplate
Misc LEGO Parts”

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