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Build your own Game Show Buzzer System with large “slammer” buttons for up to four teams/players. It’s all powered by a bunch of micro:bits and a Crazy Circuits Bit Boards. Note: This is the “wireless” version of our simpler Game Show Buzzer System. You need a lot more parts, but you need a lot less tape & wires.

For this project we are using these Cardboard Buttons made with Maker Tape. Follow the guide and build your own so you can use them with this project! (The attached PDF has four button templates on the last page of the file.)


- 5 x Crazy Circuit Bit Board
- 5 x micro:bit
- 1 x Crazy Circuits Standard Pushbutton Chip
- Maker Tape (1/8” Wide)
- Maker Tape (1/4” Wide)

Other Supplies

- LEGO Baseplate
- Misc LEGO Parts
- Cardboard
- Rubber Bands
- Glue
- Tape


- Computer
- Scissors
- X-ACTO Knife”

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