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This project started as a gift for a friend and his newborn baby. I wanted something simple and that could deliver emotions by the simplest way. Colors and light are the best vectors of that, don’t you think ?
This is the Retro-Geek plywood Box.


A CNC cutting machine ;
Endmill bit : Ø 4mm, straight 2 flutes ;
A soldering iron ;
4x Bolts Ø 6mm, lenght : at least 30mm, any type of head ;
Glue (multi materials) or hot glue ;
Tea or coffee or Pepsi Max or other product with similar effect.

Plywood, thickness : 15mm ;
HDF (High density fiber, I use the brand Valchromat) or MDF, thickness : 19mm ;
Acrylic sheet, thickness : 3mm ;
An Arduino Nano ;
A ring of LEDS WS2812 ;
Electrical wires ;
2x potentiometers.”

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