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Via Nano 33 IoT, use RFID tags as bookmarks to record your ratings. Then, inspect them on Qubitro to grasp and review chapters deliberately.

While reading books or comics, I am fond of recording my ratings on a daily basis to track any surge or plunge in my interest regarding each chapter. Also, I can review books effortlessly by scrutinizing my ratings and notes after completing reading them.

Since I have always logged my ratings on a notebook or a piece of paper, my home library has been deluged with unsolicited paper clusters. Therefore, I decided to create this IoT device to log and monitor my book ratings so as to obviate the need for handwriting.

After perusing book review and classification methods, I decided to employ this device to rate and record six different book characteristics which denote a book’s quality and reliability:

- Plot
- Delineation
- Immersion
- Prolixity
- Characters
- Editing

For each characteristic above, I defined four different rating points to create a concise and coherent rating system with the collected data:

- 1 ➡ Mundane
- 2 ➡ Interesting
- 3 ➡ Fascinating
- 4 ➡ Captivating

After defining my rating system, I decided to utilize RFID disk tags to identify books rather than scanning barcodes (ISBNs) with a barcode scanner since I wanted to design unique bookmarks with the RFID disk tags for each book. Therefore, I connected an MFRC522 RFID reader to the Arduino Nano 33 IoT so as to detect UIDs.

To display the rating settings menu, I connected an SH1106 OLED screen to the Nano 33 IoT. Then, I created a simple controller to adjust ratings for each characteristic with joysticks and buttons.

Instead of developing a web application from scratch to log and monitor the mentioned book ratings transferred by the Nano 33 IoT, I decided to utilize the Qubitro portal to build an IoT application. Since Qubitro supports various connectivity methods with different development boards and provides an easy-to-understand interface to visualize the received data packets on the cloud, I did not encounter any issues while building my IoT application for this project.

After completing wiring on a breadboard and testing the code for transferring data packets to the Qubitro application, I designed Batman-themed base and controller PCBs for this project. When I was watching the Batman: The Animated Series recently, I saw a bat-themed library in the Batcave. Since Batman is my favorite comic book character, I thought it would be interesting to design this device as if it is a part of that library in the Batcave.

Lastly, I also designed a complementary Batman-inspired book stand (3D printable) to insert the base and controller PCBs in order to create a robust and stylish device emphasizing the Batman theme gloriously :)”

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