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CircuitPython 7.3.0 Released

This is CircuitPython 7.3.0, the latest minor revision of CircuitPython, and is a new stable release.

Notable changes to 7.3.0 since 7.2.5
- Experimental mDNS support.
- USB to to Serial/JTAG support for REPL on appropriate boards.
- Initial experimental USB host support.
- Merge MicroPython 1.18 changes.
- Preliminary zlib module support. gzip module will be added later.
- RP2040 PIO: Background write to a PIO state machine. Looping is possible.
- RP2040 PIO: wrap and wrap_target support.
- keypad: scan keystates immediately on creation.
- Improve NeoPixel timings on many ports, to handle a wider range of devices.
- Add floppyio, used in conjunction with a library.
- Allow TileGrid bitmap to be changed.
- Module support matrix includes frozen modules for each board.
- f-strings available in all builds.

Download from
Firmware downloads are available from the downloads page on The site makes it easy to select the correct file and language for your board.”

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