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A “linux” written in python, for the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Important note:

Do not take this project seriously.
I know it’s not a linux, or an os, or anything in that regard, but here we are.

Anyways, since you are still reading let’s start with the basics.
It runs on the rpi pico, circuitpython.
As for the display I use a SSD1306 over I2C, it’s optional tho.
If the display is not available, all graphics functions will be disabled.
You can attach an ds1302 rtc.
If you attach one, remove “fixrtc” from the config.json during deployment, or from the development mode.
The timings will work correctly though.
Networking can be achieved by attaching a w5500 breakout board.
It expects to find a /LjinuxRoot folder which uses as it’s root. It can be on the built in fs, or an sd card, more details at Configuration.
It’s structure:

It’s shell which is named based, is equivelant to gnu bash.
Python can also be used with the pexec command.
You can execute commands over serial to it, or by feeding them from a Init.lja
The Init.lja has to be at /ljinux/boot/ of the pi pico or on the /boot/ of the attached sd card.”

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