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MacroPad - Macro Keyboard

The MacroPad is a Raspberry Pi PICO based Micropython macro keyboard. I features a SD card that can hold multiple macro sets for each program you load on the card. Each TXT file can map a caption, color, and series of key strokes to one key. It also contains the macro set name and global color for the keys. You can press the dedicated button to select the macro set held on the SD card and alter the key/screen brightness.

- 3D model can be found and downloaded here: Printables Link
- 1 Adafruit NeoKey 5x6
- 1 Raspberry Pi RP2040
- 8 Clear Keycaps
- 8 Cherry MX key switches
- 1 SD Card Reader
- 1 SD Card
- 1 16mm momentary button
- 1 OLED display
- 4 Rubber feet
- 2 M3 x 8 (Display mount)
- 4 M2.5 x 8 (Display and Cover)
- 4 M3 x 12 (Bottom to Top connection)
- 2 M2.5 x 6 (SD Card Reader)
- 2 M3 x 4 (Key matrix mount)
- 4 M1.7 x 4 screws (RP Pico mount)”

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