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NodeMCU ESP8266 NeoPixel Control web server

A simple web server hosted on ESP8266 to control effects of NeoPixel strip, using NodeMCU Lua Firmware.

Why ESP8266 + NodeMCU Lua webserver + NeoPixels ?
Neopixels are absolutely fun to work with and adding a wifi control to them makes neopixels more fun.

However, most of the ESP8266 + NeoPixel projects I have referred on internet are programmed using Arduino, Micropython or WLED (these three are great BTW) and there are only few examples with NodeMCU Lua.

The NodeMCU Lua is excellent firmware for implementing Asynchronous Event-Driven solution in Nodejs style, Hence, I created this project to demonstrate the capabilities and ease of using NodeMCU Lua Firmware. Also, NodeMCU Lua provides ws2812b and pixbuf modules to make interactions with neopixels easier.”

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