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Smart UV Index Display

Ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eye but has some very important aspects to it. I wanted to create a display that provided a better way to track the UV index throughout the day. Utilizing the Open Weather API, the display is capable of displaying real time weather information. As a bonus, it also doubles as a beautiful art piece that changes with the sun. I chose purple for my design because it represents the color of UV light

Most of the project’s cosmetic design revolves around 3d printing. However, with the necessary electronics and a little bit of creativity, this project can be replicated with household items.


- Plastic Poster Board - Used to diffuse light. Can be found at most craft stores.
- ESP8266 Microcontroller - D1 mini style
- Addressable Led Strip - 60 pixels per meter
- Power Source - 5v USB


- Adhesive - Tape or glue to adhere components
- Craft knife/Scissors
- Printout Stencil
- Basic Soldering Supplies”

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