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IoT Emoji Sign

This instructables show how to use an ESP8266 and some NeoPixels to create an IoT Emoji Sign.

ESP8266 dev board
Any ESP8266 board should be ok. This time I am using WeMos D1 Mini Pro, this is smallest and thinnest dev board I can find. If you want it portable, choose a board with Lipo support.

This project use Arduino Adafruit_NeoPixel library, any compatibles LED chip is ok, such as WS2812, WS2812B, SK6812, SK6812mini … etc.

This time I am using 64 LED chips of SK6812mini to make a tiny 8x8 matrix panel. But the soldering work is not the main job of this project, you can use a LED strip to simplify the job or even direct buy a 8x8 NeoPixel LED Matrix ;>

Sign Stand
This time I am using a micro USB metal flexible tube cable as a sign stand.”

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