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3D Printed Wall-Mounted NeoPixel LED Clock with NTP Synchronization

This project is a creative take on a digital clock, utilizing a circular arrangement of NeoPixel LEDs that face towards the wall, casting an ambient glow that visually represents the time. It is designed to be wall-mounted with the LED ring’s connection point situated at the bottom for a cleaner appearance. The clock synchronizes with NTP servers for precise timekeeping and automatically adjusts for daylight saving time in the Central European Timezone (CET/CEST).

- Ambient Wall Display: The LED ring projects light onto the wall, creating a halo effect that is both functional and decorative.
- NTP Time Synchronization: Ensures the time displayed is always accurate by syncing with network time protocol servers.
- Daylight Saving Time Ready: With the Timezone library, it transitions smoothly for daylight saving time changes in CET/CEST zones.
- Configurable LED Ring: A strip of 2x 60 NeoPixel LEDs is arranged in a ring, with the ability to change colors to indicate hours and minutes.
- Discreet Bottom Connection: The power and data connections for the LED ring are located at the bottom, minimizing visibility and maintaining the clock’s aesthetic.

Hardware Components
- ESP8266 WiFi Microcontroller WeMos D1 mini ESP8266
- 2x 60 LED NeoPixel Ring (172mm) 60 LED 172mm Ring
- 5V Power Supply (adequate for powering the LED ring) 5V 2000mA USB
- Logic Level Shifter (if needed by the ESP8266) Logic Level Converter 2-Kanal 5V / 3.3V”

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