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Today I’m teaching you how to build a massive LED wall for under $500. Whether you’re an experienced engineer or just a beginner, anyone can make this 7-foot-wide display! The modular design is split into 4 separate panels so that you can make the perfect screen for your space. Each panel is lightweight, making this project more portable than a professional installation costing thousands of dollars.

The software I’ll teach you how to use allows you to display anything you want with no headache! You can set it to play a 4-hour background video to add color and motion to your room, or just show off a picture of your favorite character. There’s a built-in audio visualizer that turns any song into a dynamic light show. I love putting on a playlist of my favorite music videos and enjoying the pixelized result.

Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to show off your skills or just looking for a fun and unique art piece, this project is perfect for everyone!


- 16 x 5m 30P/m (150 Pixels) WS2812b LED Strip
- 1 x ESP 8266 microcontroller (6 pack) - 1 extra in case you let out the magic smoke
- 4 x 5V 60A DC Power Supply
- 4 x AC Power Cord
- 4 x 1kg Black PLA Filament
- 1 x Light-Diffusing Cloth
- 1 x 36x48 inch Cardboard Sheets (5 Pack)

Other Supplies
- 3D Printer - Insane value beginner printer
- Soldering Iron
- 16 Gauge Wire
- Wire Stripper
- Duct Tape
- Hot Glue
- Stapler”

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