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A Weather Station Which simulate the real-time weather of your location by changing the colors of the showpiece.

The Weather Station is made using a Node MCU(ESP8266) , Connected to 25 WS2812B LEDs (16 for pot walls 4 LEDs for each wall, 7 LEDs in cloud, 2 LEDs in Sun/Moon) .Node MCU will connect to your home wifi and it fetch weather data from a website named [] and changes the RGB colors in the showpiece. The showpiece got many different color combinations ,they changes according to Time and Climate. For example if its raining outside at evening time then the color of cloud becomes combination of red,orange,yellow and it shows that thunderstorm effect . The pot color indicates the temperature in between 4 ranges i.e: Blue color for temperature below 20 C ,Yellow for temperature range between 20 and 30 C, Orange for 30-40 C and red for 40-50 C. The circle on top represents SUN or MOON depending on time.”

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