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In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make an amazing Smart water bubbles lamp.
I focused on creating this light decoration mainly using PIXEL LEDs and water bubbles. We can be displayed million of colors and 100+ light patterns from this decoration and we can control easily this by simple mobile application via WiFi.
This project is mainly control by Arduino platform. don’t worry if you haven’t any knowledge about Arduino because I have simply explained step by step how to make this. So having no knowledge about Arduino will not affect to make this. After you referring this article , you can make it easily by yourself.

Items that we need

- 5mm thickness plain glasses
- 3 feet long aquarium air pipe.
- Bubble release air stones (1 inch)
- WS2812B pixel LED( 144 LED per 1 meter )
- one outlet aquarium air pump.
- silicone sealant glass glue.
- rubber band.
- ESP8266 Node MCU Module
- Arduino Pro mini board.
- some wire & soldering wire

Tools that we need

- Hot glue gun
- soldering iron
- 3D printer
- saw”

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