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I made this dual channel stereo 28watt amplifier in on a small cute PCB, Powered by external 18v dual power supply and has very good audio.

Today I have TDA2030 amplifier project here to share with you guys. This IC is developed by ST microelectronics and TDA series is known for its high-fidelity sound experience. TDA2030 is very old and discontinued by ST but still available due to huge stock. Some other manufacturers also making the same but Original IC has better output and stable thermals. TDA2030 is very popular because of its outstanding features which offers 14w constant output to a 4-ohm load. There are many configurations TDA2030 IC may be applied in the circuits. Some of the circuit use 2.1 configuration in which 1 channel is for the subwoofer and other two for the stereo speakers.

1) TDA2030
2) 22K and 680R resistors
3) 10uf and 100uf electrolytic capacitor
4) 100nf polyester film capacitors
5) In4007 diodes
6) External power supply
7) Custom PCB form JLCPCB

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