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Bar Graph Clock IOT (ESP8266 + 3D Printed Case)

On this Instructables I will explain you how to build an IOT 256 LED Bar Graph Clock.

This clock is not very difficult to make, not very expensive yet you’ll need be patient to tell the time ^^ but it’s pleasant to make and full of teaching.

To make this clock, the main steps will be to :

Make a Clip-on Box
Find the exact time with WiFi and NTP protocole
Program a 8x32 LED Matrix witch represent 256 LED
Led Matrix WS2812B 8x32 11€
The 8x32 WS2812B LED Matrix is also called NeoMatrix by Adafruit company.
A Nodemcu ESP8266 board 3 to 4€ (Nodemcu is finer than Wemos)
Some 3D-printer filament (≈ 120g)
2 screws or nails
A USB cable (USB Type A to Micro USB Type B)
A USB wall adapter
Required tools
A 3D printer, mine is a Creality CR-10
A pliers
A solder iron
Optional tools
Some hot glue
A USB DC voltage tester (pretty useful in lot of project)”

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