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For this project, I referenced it from this website, and changed it to make a new project. This project is called the Wire Game, where you will take a metal handle and make it go through the wire without touching the wire. If the handle touches wire, a buzzer will buzz, so this game will challenge will focusing and your stability of hands. Originally, the old one that I’ve referenced only has a buzzer. Therefore, I have added a LCD panel to the device, that will tell the players how to play the game, and a finish-point that you touch the fish point, a LED lightbulb will light up, indicating that you’ve WON!

- 1 Arduino Leonardo
- 1 Buzzer
- 1 LED Lightbulb(any color, preferably green)
- 1 LCD board
- 1 bundle of aluminum wire
- 4 bundles of copper wire
- 4 alligator clips
- 1 shoebox (not mandatory)
- 1 pen (not mandatory)”

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