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Ping pong led

This game with leds that will entertain you for a long time,

This project is my first game that I have done and, as always, before uploading a project, I try it and it was very fun to try it, it is very fun and not only for adults but also for children, the game consists of the following: they have to press the button on the blue led not the red or green led why or if you do not lose if it is on the blue led on the right side, press the right button if it is the left press the left button is a round of 3 “lives “who loses them, loses the game. The lights come on regarding any errors you have made and the LCD will show the result.

How to arm:

1. Make the first button first connected to 5v, gnd and pin 3.
2. arm the lights connected from pins 13 to 4 from left to right
3. build the second button connected to 5v, gnd and pin 2.
4. arm the buzzer connected to pin 1
5. assemble the lcd with 5v, gnd, SDA and SCL to your specific pins”

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