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The project was conducted as a part of the Computational Design and Digital Fabrication Seminar in the International Master of Science Programme: ITECH
Physical Twin is an artistic robot which enjoys painting with the collaboration of humans. Integrating the experimentality of the field of robotics with the human imagination, the robot can be remotely and physically controlled while inherently avoiding obstacles, besides can learn from those transferred directions.
There are three chief parts of the painter: remotely steered robotic car, physically controlled 4-axis robotic arm and the main controller board. Those parts become a subsidiary to the Physical Twin for expressing its artistic side owing to not only its inherent movement possibilities but also the guidance of individuals.
-By having a small physical twin, the robotic arm can learn from its twins movements that are controlled by humans and repeat those movements endlessly.
-With the aim of having a better control over the Physical Twin; train, record and play modes can be visualised by the LED lights.
-Angles of the axes can be displayed on the LCD Monitor.
-The wheels can be remotely controlled on the XY plane.
-The robot has the ability to get the distance data from its surrounding objects and avoid the obstacles.
-On and off switches on the controller and the robot car models are helpful for saving the batteries.”

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