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Build an Inhouse IoT Air Quality Sensor - No Cloud Required

Build a full-functional small IoT device to monitor inhouse air conditions without using cloud services.

The quality of the indoor or outdoor air depends on many sources of pollution and also by the weather.

This device captures some of common and some of the most interesting parameters by using 2 sensor chips.

Organic Gas
The sensors used here are the BME680 for getting temperature, humidity, pressure and organic gas values and the PMS5003 to get density of the micro particles.

By using the HomeDing library it is easy to build a device that is connected to your home Network only and can be reached and controlled by any browser on the network. It comes with a selection of Elements that allow using the most common sensor chips, devices and other services.

It also brings a complete solution for hosting a web side inside device instead of using a cloud based solution to display the sensor data and interact with the device.”

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