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NodeMcu Solar Weather Station

Let’s Go Make Deep Sleep Mode ThingSpeak Solar Weather Station

What is Personal WeatherStation

A personal weather station is a set of weather measuring instruments operated by a private individual, club, association, or business (where obtaining and distributing weather data is nota part of the entity’s business operation). Personal weather stations have become more advanced and can include many different sensors to measure weather conditions. These sensors can vary between models but most measure wind speed, wind direction, outdoor and indoor temperatures, outdoor and indoor humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, and UV or solar radiation. Other available sensors can measure soil moisture, soil temperature, and leaf wetness. The quality, number of instruments, and placement of personal weather stations can vary widely, making the determination of which stations collect accurate, meaningful, and comparable data difficult. There are a comprehensive number of retail weather station available.

Personal weather stations typically involve a digital console that provides readouts of the data being collected. These consoles may interface to a personal computer where data can be displayed, stored, and uploaded to websites or data ingestion/distribution systems. Open-source weather stations are available that are designed to be fully customizable by users.

Personal weather stations maybe operated solely for the enjoyment and education of the owner, while some owners share their results with others. They do this by manually compiling data and distributing it, distributing data over the Internet, or sharing data via amateur radio. The Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) is a service which facilitates the sharing of information from personal weather stations. This data is submitted through use of software, a personal computer, and internet connection (or amateur radio)and are utilized by groups such as the National Weather Service (NWS)when generating forecast models. Each weather station submitting data to CWOP will also have an individual Web page that depicts the data submitted by that station. The Weather Underground Internet site is another popular destination for the submittal and sharing of data with others around the world. As with CWOP, each station submitting data to Weather Underground has a unique Web page displaying their submitted data. The UK Met Office’s Weather Observations Website (WOW) also allows such data to be shared and displayed. (Via; Wikipedia)

DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor is an advanced sensor unit that gives calibrated digital signal output. It is highly reliable and stable in long-term operation. DHT22 has an 8-bit micro controller on it and the product has a short response time. The DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor has a precise calibration and the calibration coefficient is stored in the OTP memory on some kind of program. The product refers to this coefficient stored in memory during detection.

- It gives digital output.
- Operating Voltage: 3.3-5 VDC
- Measurement Range:
- Humidity:0-100%RH
- Temperature:- 40 - 80 °C

- Humidity: +/-3% (Max 5%) RH
- Temperature:<+/- 1°C
- Measurement Period: 2 s
- Product Dimensions: 22x28x5 mm

BMP 180
The BMP180pressure sensor is a digital output sensor that measures the pressure of the ambient air. It is a small and very useful product. It measures pressure between 300 and 1100 hPa and transmits altitude information in the range of+9000 - -500m. It communicates with different micro controllers and development boards via I2C protocol.

- Supply Voltage: 1.8 – 3.6V
- I2C Interface
- Maximum I2CRate: 3.5Mhz
- Height measurement with ±25cm accuracy
- Pressure Measurement Range: 300 – 1100hPa
- (altitude measurement in the range of +9000m to -500m)

Rain Sensor
An analog value can be read on the sensor output pin as a result of the contact of the conductor lines drawn parallel to each other with water. Using the sensor is very simple. By making the supply voltage and ground connection, reading can be made from the sensor output leg. Since it gives both digital and analog output, it can be easily adapted to different systems. The sensitivity of the sensor can also be adjusted with the help of the pot on the sensor.

- Operating Voltage: 3 - 5V
- Working Current: <20mA
- Sensor Output: Digital and Analog
- Sensor

sensitivity adjustment

- Sensor Area:50x38x10mm”

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