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This project is an improved version of the calendar that I made more than a year ago, it still works very well and has become a common object in my living room. I’m a little more conservative, I don’t always have the phone in my hand and I like that I can see a monthly calendar in front of me and notice at a glance what date is today (often I forget) or next week on what date the weekend starts and very important, when the payday will be :)
There are two major differences of this construction compared to the previous project: The body of the calendar is 3D printed, except for the piece of smoked acrylic that can be cut by hand; The calendar can be synchronized with one or more calendars defined in Google Calendar. There are also other small differences that I will present in the following steps.

- 3D printed components
- A piece of 2 mm thick 191mmx69 smoked acrylic
- 75 WS2812 LEDs in a strip with 60 leds/m;
- An ESP-01 module,
- A 5V/3.3V stabilizer module;
- A DC female plug with 5.5mm/2.5mm cable;
- 5V/2A power supply with 5.5mm/2.5mm DC male plug;
- White colored paper;
- Wires of different colors, hot glue.”

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