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Using an ESP-01 running micropython attached to a WS2812B LED strip controller, create lighting effects and control them from MQTT!

SP-01 is such a fun little board. Taking an Espressif ESP-8266 and adding some EEPROM (1M) and bringing out the serial port and 2 IO ports, it’s simple but still powerful. And there are a bunch of cool controllers will take the ESP-01 as their “brain”. Such as the relay boards (that I used in the Clock Controller project), a DHT-11 (temperature/humidity) sensor board, and a WS2812B LED Strip interface board, which I’ll be using here.

Serendipitously, I was starting to look into the controller board when my wife started putting out a light-based Christmas tree outside, so I thought I could supplement those lights with an animated LED strip (or two or more!)

Clone the github link listed to get all the code referenced here. you aren’t already running an MQTT server, start one up — I use Mosquitto set up on a Raspberry Pi.

First, to install micropython on the ESP-01 board, put the board into a USB Flash programmer.”

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